I began working as an archaeologist and historian in 1978, receiving a BA in 1979 and a Master of Arts in Anthropology in 1983 from San Francisco State University. Since then, I've pursued studies of the past mainly in California. I am deeply interested in our collective human experiences from the most ancient times to the period after settlers arrived. My interest is motivated not only by a desire to know the truth, but also the belief that things can change in a positive way if we are aware of how things happened in the past.

I enjoy sharing what I've learned and collaborating with descendant communities and others interested in the past. Examples of my research projects and articles are offered on this web site. My historical research has exposed me to many diverse sources of if information on geneology and history. Some useful web links are provided if you are carrying out your own research.

I no longer pursue professional archaeological or historical work. However, I do still give presentations on research I've carried out. My interest in history and archaeology continues unabated. I'm receptive to contact if you have an interest in local or California archaeology and history.

The past is a treasure that belongs to all of us. Respect those sites,documents, and the people of the past by preserving memories and traces of the past for all to enjoy!